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Julie Darcey

Julie Darcey


I’m Julie Darcey, founder of Inspiring Heads.

If you’re a Head Teacher or Senior Leader in Education and you’re looking for peace of mind and improved results, then you’re in the right place.

I know that you became a teacher and a school leader because you want to make a difference and you care about your pupils’ futures. You’re passionate about learning. You want the best for your pupils and you want excellence for your school.

You want your pupils to remain curious and alive to their unknown potential. And, you wish for that same aliveness and energy in your staff. You absolutely know that excellent teachers remain fascinated by the process of learning, and stay open to possibility.

Personally, perhaps you’re embarking on a new, daunting leadership challenge, or you feel you’ve reached a plateau and you’re wondering what’s next, or perhaps your leadership is going through a tricky phase? Whatever the case, the road ahead feels foggy and uncertain.

Or maybe you’re thinking about how best the team should work together? Or, perhaps there are changes to navigate, or conflicts to resolve?

Whatever your issue, Inspiring Heads is here to empower you and your school. Through Individual and/or Team Coaching, together we will create impactful, lasting change. Choose how you want to lead, enhance or transform your school’s culture.

Individual coaching builds resilience, clarity and overcomes self-limiting beliefs. Team coaching builds connection, collaboration, alignment and positivity. When we feel safe we can create, innovate and engage fully. Coaching WILL create positive results for you and your school.

Here, on his website, we only have words and pictures. We want you to be able to sample the real experience. Please contact Inspiring Heads for a free individual coaching session (by phone or Skype) or for a free sample Twilight Session for your staff (travel dependent, we are London based – let’s discuss).