Team Coaching


We know that successful schools consciously and intentionally create their culture, and that a healthy school culture is one where children, adults and teams thrive. A place of collaboration; where it’s safe for all to speak up, be honest, make mistakes and contribute new ideas and insights.

Inspiring Heads will work with the leaders in your school and also coach staff relationships systems. Teams will learn to collaborate effectively, create positive working relationships, approach conflicts constructively and gain the tools to work through issues or changes. This is done through experiential learning that is engaging, relevant and packed with insight.

So whether it’s coaching a relationship between two people, a team, or the whole staff, Inspiring Heads will empower, build trust and create safe space for real growth and alignment.

We design our work in partnership with you based on your school’s needs. We listen carefully to the issues and aspirations, and together we create.

Typically we work in schools to:

  • effectively engage and lead through change;
  • build united vision;
  • resolve conflict; and
  • improve positivity and trust.