Creating positive and lasting change with my clients is what I do best.

Many of my clients are women in leadership roles in their 30’s and 40’s, juggling the demands of career and family whilst longing for the head space to remember who they are and how they want to live their life next. They are looking for greater ease and fulfillment. To tune in to their needs, values and happiness.

Supporting these clients as they unclip their wings to find greater resilience, balance and confidence is extremely rewarding. I love my work.

Chemistry and trust is important, which is why I always offer a pro bono, intoductory coaching session. This way, you can relax and experience what it would be like to be coached by me with no obligation.

Just as we need strong muscles to climb a steep hill, we also need strong mental muscles to stay balanced and effective during life’s inevitable challenges. We can learn to thrive, to put doubt in its right place, to move forward with discernment and focus, emotionally stronger and clearer. This is what I will help you with. There is always so much more positive resource within us than we imagine.

I specialise in Leadership, Team Development and Career Change.

I bring:

  • myself and my full attention on you
  • advanced coaching skills and 30 years of experience in learning and development
  • ICF Accreditation and Code of Ethics
  • a large toolbox of proven resources
  • mental fitness training
  • the ability to get quickly to the heart of what matters
  • understanding, honesty and realism
  • curiosity and non-judgemental attitude
  • agility and experience; I’ve shifted careers and roles to accommodate changing needs, phases, interests and passions. I’ve developed two successful sole-trader businesses and a respected career as an educator and leader.
  • an understanding of how we learn well; I facilitate learning that goes beyond the head – positive learning that accords with the heart and the gut. You will feel more aligned, together and happy.

Experience and Qualifications

Learning and Development are strong and consistent threads in my working life. Whether in the classroom or lecture hall, on the yoga mat or coaching, I have passionately empowered self-agency in others; the drive to truly own one’s life, happiness, learning and growth.

My coaching experience includes work with those in the corporate commercial world and the world of education. Career change, leadership development, improving relationships and team development, are all very familiar themes.
My first career was in education as a teacher, school leader, advisor and university lecturer training teachers. I was recognized as an excellent practitioner and change leader.

As a mother of young children, my work as a pregnancy and post-natal yoga teacher suited my personal growth and family life. I spent 10 years, running and leading my own successful pre and post-natal yoga business, supporting women and their families through birth and the huge changes of motherhood. It was heart-felt, rewarding work and I learnt so much from my own practice and working with amazing and resourceful women.

When my children were older I wanted to spread my wings further afield again.  I looked for my next challenge, my next phase of learning and growth. I found a good coach and received powerful benefits. I was thirsty to learn more and began another long chapter of rich learning. So here I am, nine years on, and enjoying life as an experienced coach myself. Still just as passionate about my work, and with much to share and contribute.

I’ve trained extensively in advanced coaching skills. I jointly ran the Organisation and Relationship Systems Coaching (ORSC) UK community for a number of years – driving excellence and support for other coaches.  I am also an experienced school governor.

Master of Education – Roehampton Institute, University of Surrey
Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) – Coaches Training Institute (CTI)
Certified Professional Organisation and Relationship Systems Coach (ORSCC) – CRR Global
Licenced Firework Career Coach
Certified practitioner The Leadership Circle (TLC)
Positive Intelligence Coach – PQ Mental Fitness programme
ACC Coaching Accreditation – International Coaching Federation (ICF)
Navigating Change programme – CRR Global
British Wheel of Yoga (BWY) and Active Birth Teaching Diplomas
Pranayama and mindfulness – BWY – Using the breath and mindfulness for well being
B.Ed (Hons)