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Let’s find what lights you up.
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Perhaps …

  • You’re finding it hard to see the next steps
  • You lack fulfilment – it’s difficult to get motivated at work
  • You’ve taken a career break, or reached a turning point, and you want to rethink
  • You’re so busy working and juggling life, you haven’t headspace to do this alone

At different times in our lives it’s normal to wish for different things.
Circumstances change, and we too change.

“A key ingredient to achieving your goals is to make sure your goals are totally congruent with who you are as a person. Your head and heart’s desire must match. It’s such an important step in goal achievement and if we miss it, we can end up travelling a long way down the wrong path.” 
Rachael Bermingham


  • Get on the path to your fulfilling career
  • Go from confusion to clarity. Know where you’re heading; with a career direction that energises and motivates
  • Understand what’s important to you in your life as well as your work
  • Experience significant breakthroughs; more self-awareness and broader scope
  • See, and own, your self-worth
  • Understand your strengths and skills
  • Gain confidence and clarity
  • Get into action


How it Works

First, get in touch for a no-obligation free consultation.  We’ll begin to get to know each other and discuss your particular situation and needs.  I can answer any questions you may have.

I use the UK’s well-respected, highly credible programme Firework™ to help you find the work that you love.  With a 15 year proven track record, this career change programme is practical, creative and rigorous. It was created with a deep understanding of what it takes to support individuals through career change.

It is a structured and flexible programme in three phases: Explore, Dream and Discover.  We will work together using tools to match your needs and at the pace right for you.

Explore – will give you a thorough understanding of who you are and what you want from your work and life as a whole

Dream – will enable you to generate new career possibilities in innovative ways.

Discover –will take you through creating an action plan, so that you can see a clear route from your current position to the choice you have made.

Typically, we will meet for a one hour coaching session on twelve occasions. Depending on where you are on your journey, this may be fewer, and this can all be done regardless of location via video link.  You will be given agreed tasks to complete between sessions of a size and pace to suit your needs.

This is a great way to find the work that interests and uplifts you!

Call or email me if you’d like to find out more, Julie Darcey, on 07947 828532 or

Julie has been my coach over the last 6 months and helped me transition from an organisation where my career has developed over 16 years to a new company and different role. Through the process Julie has been challenging, and also playful in her approach to help me prepare and go through this change. I appreciated her way of making me see things from different perspectives, leaving me with ideas and options to think about and action. My transition has been a great success in my eyes and I believe Julie was an integral part in helping me make it so. I would certainly recommend Julie for her flexible, friendly but result oriented approach.
Michelle Pattison

Senior Director, CRBE Global

“I highly recommend working with Julie as it was an incredibly helpful and supportive process. Working with her has allowed me to understand myself better and be reflective about the kind of changes I want to make. I’ve found the progression of the sessions really effective, starting with an initial exploratory stage and then becoming much more concrete in terms of my vision and action plan.”

Primary School Teacher

“I found Julie to be a great help with my decision to change career. Her professionalism, warmth and approach, have helped me feel confident in my own abilities and value. I’m well on the road now and excited about the future.”


Red Snapper

“I cannot thank Julie enough for the all the help and assistance she has given me.
Julie is a rare find, she enabled me to find the tools which were within me to focus and channel my energies, thoughts and aspirations onto a path that I could not previously find. The tools that I now have will be with me forever, and I now have the ability to extend them to deal with any new issues that may confront me.
I cannot recommend Julie enough – she can help you reap the rewards from your life and set you on the path to achieve your goals.”

Maxie Knowles

Comma Partners