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Looking for improved performance?

Wishing for a calm, clear and happy mind?

PERHAPS  you are…

  • longing to feel more balanced and happy – fed-up with feeling exhausted
  • wanting to feel confident in a new role
  • self-doubting – wondering, am I good enough, or do I really want this
  • stuggling with ‘difficult’ conversations or relationships
  • frustrated – you have leaders in your organisation who are not performing to potential and you want them to step up
  • seeking your next role or looking to step back into leadership after a break
  • feeling lonely at times in your leadership role
  • seeking confidential, knowledgeable and non-judgemental support

“Of all the training I’ve done in my career, working with you has been has been the best thing.”

Mark O’Brian, Business Manager



  • Find new courage and renewed self-agency
  • Strengthen your ‘mental muscles’: Increase your resilience, mental agility, effectiveness and happiness
  • Be fully yourself; leverage the strengths in your leadership style
  • Bring out the best in your teams
  • Understand and shift patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving that may have held you back
  • Feel more fulfilled, balanced and happy

How it Works

Please contact me for an initial video chat with no obligation, so that we can begin to get to know each other and you can tell me about your situation and particular challenges.  If you would like to sample being coached by me, I’ll be happy to do so.

If you’d like to explore further, I’ll create a proposal with a suggested approach, tailored to suit your needs.  This may be for one-to-one Leadership Coaching or for your team’s Leadership Development.

The highly regarded Leadership Circle 360 profile may be recommended if appropriate.  I also partner with Stanford lecturer Shirzad Chamine, in providing access and support for the Positive Intelligence Mental Fitness Programme.  This is a well-being game changer, that delivers great learning and speeds success.

One-to-one coaching sessions take place via Zoom, ensuring that location creates no barrier.  If you are in or around London, we can meet face-to-face if preferred.  Typically, for one-to-one coaching, we will meet for an hour once a fortnight, over three-month period.  Follow-up sessions are then according to need.

Team Leadership Development is delivered appropriately for the needs of the group, with preference when possible, to work in person.  Programmes can also be delivered virtually.


Julie has helped me understand that if you want to develop as a professional, you can’t leave your private-self at the door. Julie is very intuitive. She helps to set a scene up, but it’s up to you to make the discoveries.

She doesn’t work to a rigid agenda as she recognises that everyone is different and requires different tools to move forward.

I saw results very quickly. I soon felt happier, focused and more balanced, and these changes had a positive influence on all areas of my private and professional life.

Kasia Jablonska

Head of Digital and Monetisation, Endemol Shine Group

Julie is an excellent, empathetic coach who is instantly supportive and understanding. She combines a wealth of both corporate and education sector experience to offer a unique experience.

She is gently challenging and digs deep to understand your genuine coaching needs while encouraging you to reflect on the best aspects of your self. Julie’s helped me to better understand what drives me and how I can best apply my own skills and talents at work and at home. I have no hesitation in recommending her as a first class executive coach. 

Rob Briggs

Director, Graystone Communications

“The rate of change was pretty quick and it didn’t take a massive effort.

I let go of some of the ways I thought I needed to be and it’s been such a relief. I’m a lighter me and that’s so much better. I feel less tired. I’m happier.

And it’s not like I’m doing less. The way I’m looking at things, the way I’m responding, has changed. It’s so much easier. I got rid of heavy attachment.”

Medea Nocentini

Senior Vice President, Strategy and Corporate Development , OSN

“Leadership coaching with Julie has helped me understand the type of leader I am and explore and develop my motivations, aspirations and vision. The coaching techniques used have afforded me huge insights into my intrinsic motivators and helped me form and develop my strategic vision for the school.

The approach is supportive and challenging and leads to increased confidence professionally and personally.
If you need fresh inspiration and challenge it opens up new doors and allows you time to reflect and develop as a leader. I have found it an invaluable investment for myself and other Senior Leaders”.

Tracy Meredith

Headteacher, Marjory Kinnon School

Whether you’re looking to develop your own skills or those of your team, find out what Leadership Coaching can do for you.

Call me, Julie Darcey, on 07947 828532 or

email julie@inspiringheads.co.uk