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Looking to create a thriving, collaborative and highly effective leadership team?
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Here’s where Inspiring Heads can help. 

Your team will be inspired to use positive behaviours that deepen collaboration and trust.

Aligned in vision, they will be able to bring their strengths, experience and diversity to fulfil their collective potential. 

Your team will thrive, lead well and bring out the best in themselves and others.

Perhaps …

  • change is creating difficulties
  • team morale is low
  • you wish to strengthen connections, collaboration and team vision
  • the team, or individual members, are not stepping up
  • there is unresolved conflict or avoidance
  • you need better results
  • communication is lacking


  • An agile team with the will to take ownership and make success together
  • Better relationships and communication – increased trust
  • Understanding of how individual behaviours impact the whole
  • Improved well-being and staff retention
  • More innovation and creativity
  • ‘Difficult’ conversations no longer feel so difficult.
  • More value placed on diversity – range of opinions and experiences
  • Stronger shared vision, bolder collective vision
  • Improved results

How it Works

First contact me for a no-obligation complimentary meeting face to face or via a video call.

This will be so that we can begin to get to know each other and understand your particular situation, challenges and requirements.

Inspiring Heads will then create a proposal for how we may partner with you to provide the training and coaching to take the team to the next level.  It could be a one-off, bespoke team intervention, or a longer term leadership programme.

Programmes can be delivered in person, virtually or combination.

Julie, with her energy and her superb skills as an active listener, picked up all the edges that we wanted to avoid and enabled us to cross them successfully.
Thanks to her, we’ve managed to go through a period of transition well. We became clear in our objectives and improved our communication.

We are very grateful and thankful for all her support during this difficult period. Her warmth and easy approach made it simple to trust Julie all the way.
Thank you so much”

Xavier Pujol

Careers Development Group

“I was very impressed with how at ease Julie and Duncan made the team, and the visual and interactive methods they used to enable us to extract the thoughts we needed to define our direction were incredibly insightful. Our sessions were tailored based on how the team responded and then developed between each one. By the end of the process the team could feel a remarkable difference in how we felt individually and collectively, and it has left us with great tools and motivation to continually improve.”
Peter Yates

Director of Account Management, Axonn

Huge thank you for your time coaching our team. We learnt a lot about ourselves and our team.  I have improved my performance at work (and my relationships at home- which I wasn’t expecting!)

There are many situations where I stand back rethinking what to do, applying new ‘thinking’ after our sessions. Communication has improved among our team and we have clarity about where we are going. We are on a road now and I know it’s going to keep getting better.  You are a fantastic coach.

Thank You.

Ksenija Grujic


“Team coaching has enabled us to build strong lines of communication and begin to shape firm foundations of trust. We now work much more effectively as a team and see ourselves as a bonded group of individuals, working together for the common good of the team.”
Joanne Stacey

Senior Leader, MK School

“Thank you for a wonderful morning of ‘safe’ team building and visioning – it has been a pleasure to meet you and I do hope we can work with you again in the future.”
Dr Catherine Wilson

Head, Royal Marsden School

“I would recommend Julie to support your Senior Leadership Team in having challenging conversations with difficult and/or established staff. It gave us the tools to engage staff in learning conversations about performance, students and teaching”.
Pam Mason

Headteacher, Marshalls Park Academy

The experience our team had with Julie and Duncan was one that naturally developed over the sessions, much like a friendship. I think at first people were shy about opening up a part of themselves that rarely gets seen in the workplace, while others were much more comfortable with the process. What is great is that Julie and Duncan have a dynamic that allows you to feel comfortable and brave without taking yourself too seriously, which helps open up communication. Although we still have some more work to do as a team, I am grateful for the techniques we learned and the shared space we had to “play’ with each other. The main thing I have taken away for the sessions is the level of comfort that I now have interacting with my team, as I feel I know them a lot better.”
Adrienne Burns

Director of Client Strategy and Implementation, Axonn

“I’ve seen genuine and long lasting change in attitudes and behaviours that’s different from the short-lived excitement of going on a course. Leaders are reflecting and processing in a more in-depth way. There are reduced anxiety levels. They are definitely more aligned and more involved.”
Denise Morton

Executive Headteacher

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